Talons of Venice Riedle Urban Spaces

Everyone knows JDI, but do they really? Through the faces and voices of their great employees, now you can get to know JDI a bit better... and maybe see yourself with a great career there.

A couple of years ago we saw where the cannabis industry was headed. In 2015, we launched Civilized – a premium media and lifestyle brand that embraces and highlights modern cannabis culture.

Saint John is open for business. It's taking leads and taking names. Seriously. Two local economic development groups collaborated on an engaging campaign, #TakeTheLeadSJ

A local contracting company was looking for an unconventional brand. We took things to another level, much like the service they provide to their clients.

CAA Atlantic was looking to change how the average maritimer thought of them. We all know the tow-trucks. What they didn’t know (more do now) is the travel, insurance and rewards side of CAA.

We’re very proud to work with the Saint John Regional Hospital Foundation. The Foundation is a staple in our non-profit community with powerful stories to tell.

Ok we can't just let this page go on forever. We have an amazing roster of clients we are proud to work with. These are just a few of the companies we love having on the team.