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Our Commitment to Social Responsibility

At Revolution Strategy, we acknowledge our obligation as citizens of our community and the world, and we take seriously the importance of social responsibility. Our social responsibility framework encompasses seven pillars that describe our commitment to people, our community and industry, the environment and ethics.

We are committed to:

1. Our Employees

We provide a safe, empowering, positive and respectful environment in which our employees can do their work and grow their careers. We offer fair compensation through wages, paid sick and vacation time, and benefits that include an employer-sponsored pension plan and an annual wellness allowance to be used on whatever employees want, whenever they want. We offer flexible working arrangements. We are family-focused. Our team is diverse and largely women-led. Our leaders are approachable and available. We encourage our employees to keep learning. We have adopted an employee-led Code of the Road that spells out how we behave as a team, and a big part of that Code includes a focus on fun and team support. Recognizing the therapeutic value of animals, our office is dog friendly. We acknowledge our business is based on the strength of our team, and we appreciate and thank our employees a lot.

2. Our Clients

For our clients, we do our best work, providing best value for the investment of time and money. We are responsive, respectful and flexible. We are transparent regarding the work we will do, how we will do it and at what investment. While we always strive to delight our clients by delivering top-quality work and service, we aim for no surprises. We proactively seek opportunities to help our clients advance their business or cause. We respect confidentiality. We regularly seek feedback from our clients through an objective third-party partner. Our clients are VIPs, and they are treated as such.

3. Our Partners

At Revolution, we partner with a number of companies and individuals who help us deliver value to our clients – from video partners, media buyers, researchers and printers, to freelancers across a variety of marketing communications disciplines. We also engage a number of partners who help us run our business, from lawyers and accountants, to caterers and cleaners. We value all of the help we receive, and as such we treat all of our partners with fairness and respect, including the payment of fair compensation for their work. We are committed to helping our partners achieve success. While we will partner with anyone who aligns with our business and values, we work with partners close to home when we can, supporting our region’s economy.

4. Our Community

Revolution is invested in Saint John as a community, and New Brunswick as our home province. Our agency co-founders own the building in which the agency is housed, serving residential and commercial tenants, including the Creative Soup collective. We help grow the creative class in our community by recruiting and retaining talent who live and work in New Brunswick; by partnering with other creatives; by incubating creative Saint John-based startups such as Talons of Venice and Civilized; and by creating and supporting creative community initiatives, such as Moonlight Bazaar. We support a variety of youth-based causes through talent, time and treasure, including Junior Achievement New Brunswick. We support high school, community college and university internship programs. We regularly open our doors to young people and newcomers, helping them to make connections. We serve on committees and Boards in our community, with a focus on economic development , energy and health care. We are active and enthusiastic participants in our community. We know our neighbours by name, and we support them.

5. Our Industry

We actively participate in the marketing communications industry, notably the Trans-Canada Advertising Agency Network (TCAAN) and the Canadian Public Relations Society (CPRS). Through this, we help advance knowledge and best practices in our industry. With respect to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Revolution – working with our partner Blu Communications – has created the Global Cannabis Partnership, which will develop a Responsible Cannabis Framework. We are committed to helping the nascent recreational cannabis industry develop and adopt social responsibility standards, with a focus on responsible use and restrictions to youth.

6. The Environment

Revolution recycles all paper, cardboard, plastic, cans and other recyclables. We recycle and upcycle all of our technology. We serve filtered municipal water in glasses, and food on real plates with real flatware. Our offices are temperature-controlled, and we use energy-efficient lighting. We allow our employees to telecommute when it makes sense to do so, and about 50% of our team is able to walk to work. We carpool when we travel to client meetings. When producing work for our clients, we always consider multi-purpose applications to optimize the use and re-use of materials

7. Ethical Practices

Revolution follows all laws and codes of conduct relating to our business and profession. We adhere to our clients’ procurement processes. Pricing for our work is fair, open and transparent. We communicate truthfully and openly ourselves, and on behalf of our clients. The ideas we bill as our own are our own, and we give credit when credit is due. We are solutions-focused. Our approach to business is based on the pursuit of mutual value, where all parties can and do win.