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Ok, last time, we got a little carried away with the bios, teasing people and making things up. We’re more mature now, so we... oh, wait, I see someone rewrote the serious ones. Uh, nevermind...

I started my latest adventure when I moved from London to Saint John after picking it on a map. Throw in my charming accent and we have all the components of a blockbuster romcom. I’m working on the script now.

Charli Collins

I love beautiful things, from lilies and pearls to perfectly constructed communications plans with tables and charts. Those plans in action? Works of art!

Cynthia Goodwin

Kate is the mother of twin girls, which means that her life objective is to always find the most efficient way of doing something…

Kate Guest

Outside of Revolution, Kelsey loves to spend time with family, especially with her adorable godson. She also likes to "keep up with the Kardashians" (yes, she’s a fan but we love her anyway).

Kelsey Ingersoll

Managing communications for our entire province? No problem. Working through budgets with Laura Foote after she’s had more than two coffees? Um… 

Anne McInerney

When I'm not leading large, multi-channel marketing projects I make time to be Revolution's in-house fashion consultant. The creative team's matching Star Trek outfits? I don't want to talk about it.

Laura Noseworthy

I am not as serious as I look.

Rick Petersen

#agencylife for 20 years - smart people, smart clients, great work & tons of coffee...

Kathy Purcell

My love for creating websites and apps is hard-coded. I caught the bug (pun intended) as a kid, and now I’m pumped to pursue my passion. Just don’t ask me to build anything in Visual Basic, or I’ll be forced to give you an Error 400.

Rob Rankin

I love a good story.

Derek Riedle

I love a challenge. You could say I thrive on competition in everything I do...not just within the agency. Play a boardgame with me. Come for a run. Whatever. It's on baby.

Terri Riedle

For me, fun is turning my teammates’ brainwaves into living, breathing campaigns. And GIFs. OMG I love GIFs.

Rocio Ugarte

Besides our team in house, we have a few talented Revolution alumni that we call on from time to time when things here are really moving.

Do you have any idea how hard it is to wrangle these right-brain people into getting their expenses, bills and time sheets done? It's a good thing they're scared of me.

Susan Alchorn

Chop wood. Chase away deer. Just another day in the life of a humble country designer.

Jim McVicar

Dan once referred to himself as "office ninja". So... that's embarrassing.

Dan Culberson